How Banks Increase Profitability with Self-Service Safe Deposit Boxes

As consumer expectations are redefining the industry, the future of banking is focusing on digital technologies and innovation to improve the customer experience.

Why Self-Service is a Fast-Moving Trend in Safe Deposit Lockers

The growing number of self-service environments has increased customer expectations for high-tech solutions and round-the-clock accessibility. So how should businesses which offer safe deposit lockers address this?

Reducing Passenger Queues at Airports

Ask airline passengers and the majority will say that reducing queuing time in airports is the best improvement which could be made to their travel experience.

Why Automation Is Key to Airport Efficiency

With passengers expected to almost double by 2035, providing adequate passage efficiency is a major challenge facing airports and airlines. This is where new technologies in passenger process automation come in.

Biometric Airports: The End of Security Queues

Fingerprint and iris scans at airports are becoming commonplace, but the next step is to match a passenger’s face and passport in a process known as the 'One ID concept'.

How to Improve Security with Closed Cash Management [Customer Case]

The Intermarché Tournai supermarket in Belgium has created a safer place to work and shop using the SafePay closed cash management system.

The Most Downloaded Gunnebo Guides 2018

There are many useful and informative guides available via the Security Matters Blog so in case you've missed any of them, here is a list of our most downloaded content offers from 2018.

The Benefits of Combining Access Control and Ticket Validation [Customer Case]

Egeskov Castle in Denmark is using speed gates as a combined access control and ticket validation solution to improve the customer experience and reduce its administrative costs.

How to Avoid the Most Costly Cash Handling Mistakes

Retailers are having to dedicate more time and resource to managing cash than ever before — which is proving costly to their business.  

7 Reasons to Choose Security Revolving Doors

Security revolving doors are a popular and highly effective entrance control option for commercial buildings and high-risk sites. Here are 7 reasons they could be right for you.

Security Matters: Most Read Posts of 2018 (So Far)

Gunnebo's Security Matters Blog offers insights from the world of security. Here are the posts which readers have enjoyed the most so far this year. 

EMP Attacks: What They Are & How to Protect Against Them [Video]

Without the right protection, an electromagnetic pulse attack can leave your IT systems paralysed. So what's the best approach?

How to Compare Entrance Security Flow Rates [with Free Guide]

Each type of entrance system manages a different level of throughput so to find the right solution for your office building, it helps to compare flow rates.

Why Hotels Can No Longer Afford to Ignore Cash Recycling

Automated cash recycling for hotels is an excellent way of not only reducing operational costs but also improving the customer experience.

6 Entrance Security Alternatives for Office Buildings

From tripod turnstiles to security booths, there is a whole spectrum of entrance systems available to control people flow in office buildings.

Why Flow Rate is So Important for Office Entrance Security

Understanding the flow patterns for your office building when selecting an entrance system will eliminate bottlenecks and prevent queues.

5 Benefits of Closed Cash Management for Petrol Stations

Handling cash exposes petrol stations to security risks as well as added costs. A closed cash management system can help address these and other challenges.

9 Top Entrance Control Tips for Office Buildings

Effective entrance security for offices means managing access smoothly for employees and visitors. Here are 9 entrance control tips for security managers of commercial buildings.

Why Retailers Are Having to Manage More Cash

The traditional cash cycle was dominated by banks who took the bulk of the responsibility for cash management processes. But all that has changed.

Server Safes and How They Protect Your Business from Digital Espionage

Businesses are extremely aware of the importance of IT security and the related threats, but one aspect often overlooked is the risk of signal interception.

How CCTV Saves Money, Minutes and Manpower

A properly designed CCTV security system helps protect people, property and premises as well as saving money, minutes and manpower.

Cash is Still Alive and Kicking [BIS Report]

Even though more people now use cards and mobile phones to pay, a recent report says that the demand for cash is not letting up and is even on the rise.

6 Steps to Choosing the Right Entrance Security for Your Office

Here are the top six factors commercial buildings should consider when making a decision about entrance security.

The Most Effective Entrance Control Options for Gyms

Leisure and fitness centres have to manage a frequent flow of customers. Here are some of the most effective alternatives available to gyms for access and entrance control.

How EMP Protection for Servers Works

Electromagnetic pulse (EMP) radiation can have devastating consequences for IT systems. So what can security and IT managers do to protect against this threat?

The Five Most Read Blog Posts 2017

During 2017 Gunnebo published a total of 32 posts on the Security Matters blog. These are the five most read posts from the year.

The Airport Passenger Journey of the Future

Walking pace processing, personalised preferences and seamless travel authorisation are some of the features airline passengers can look forward to in the airports of the future.

How to Get More Out of CCTV

CCTV is a popular loss prevention tool but are retailers really using it to its full potential?

Internal Theft: How Retailers Can Solve the Problem

Shoplifting carried out by employees - internal theft - is a problem which retailers often overlook. But there are some simple ways to make sure it never happens.

How to Eliminate Security Gaps at the Front Desk

As well as creating that significant first impression, reception areas play an important role in office security. But is your front desk up to the job?

8 Reasons Manual Cash Handling is Hurting Retailers

Counting and processing cash by hand is not only a security risk, but is also prone to costly errors. Here are the major drawbacks retailers experience with manual cash handling.

[VIDEO] How Bullet-Resistant Glass is Tested

Ballistic resistant glazing is being used more and more for public buildings. So how do testers determine the protection a security door or window will offer against a firearm?

How Automated Cash Management Saves Time and Money

Automation of cash management processes has the potential to generate considerable cost savings for retailers as well as numerous other benefits related to time efficiency.

Guide to ANSSI Certification for Access Control Systems

ANSSI has led the way in France for establishing regulations for the protection of information. So what do these guidelines mean for security managers in the rest of the world? 

13 Essential Tips for Preventing Shoplifting

Shoplifting costs retailers billions annually. Here are 13 quick tips for store owners and security managers to help tackle theft and reduce shrinkage.

What Security Managers Should Know About Kalashnikov Resistance

Security doors with ballistics resistance are not typically certified to protect against a Kalashnikov attack. This post looks at what to consider so that your site is protected.

How to Find the Right Cash Management System [Free Comparison Guide]

When it comes to the management of cash processes, there are several alternatives available to retailers, each with its own pros and cons.

Deter, Delay, Defend - 3 Steps to Better Security

The unpredictability of modern threats is causing security professionals to re-assess their approach to site protection. This post looks at how security managers can remain prepared.

Should Retailers Believe the IoT Hype?

According to Gartner, the Internet of Things has reached what it calls the “peak of inflated expectations”. The potential seems endless, but will connectivity deliver real value to retailers?

Quick Guide: EAS Tags and Labels

Tags and labels are an integral part of any EAS (electronic article surveillance) system. Here is a quick guide for retailers on the alternatives.

How to Reduce the Cost of Cash Management in Retail

Handling and processing cash costs retailers money. This post looks at some of the ways automated cash management can help cut costs through more efficient and secure processes.

An Introduction to Standards for Security Doors

Standards give security managers a clear frame of reference about the type and level of resistance a security door will provide. Here is a crash course on the standards to look out for.

7 Reasons Banks Prefer Self-Service Safe Deposit Lockers

Modern technology now allows bank customers to access their deposit lockers without even stepping foot into the vault. This post lists the main reasons why self-service SDLs appeal to bank managers.

Why Hotels Should Change the Master Code on Their Safes

A personal hotel safe is a service appreciated by many guests. But hotels must be careful to change the default master code on their room safes - or risk a lapse in security for their guests.

The 7 Types of Entrance Fraud

An entrance system, such as a speed gate or turnstile, must be able to stop unauthorised entry. Here is a list of the most common types of entrance fraud which public and commercial buildings need to detect. 

What is Closed Cash Management?

Closed cash management is a method of dealing with cash which not only addresses store security concerns, but also the efficiency of retail cash processes. So what is it exactly?

Security Door Blast Tests - And Why They Are Different

There are two standards for security doors and windows which apply to blast resistance. This post addresses the difference between them - and why the distinction is important.

What Retailers Need to Know About EAS Technology

There are several different electronic article surveillance technologies used for the prevention of shoplifting. Here is a short guide to which items each technology is most suited to protecting.

The Seveso Directive - What Security Managers Need to Know

The Seveso Directive aims to prevent major accidents involving dangerous substances. Here's a useful summary for security managers on which types of site are included under the Directive and what measures it requires those sites to take.

The Importance of Balancing Site Security and Building Design

Both architects and security specialists have to think carefully about how to effectively manage the flow of people into and out of a public site. But is it possible to strike the right balance between security and design?

Is the Cost of Holding Cash Greater Than Retailers Think?

Having cash on site – whether it be in tills or in the back office – is a security risk for retailers, their customers and their staff. Here's why minimising the threat of robbery is a priority for retailers.

How to Improve Fitting Room Security

Fitting room management systems provide valuable data to help retailers with staff allocation and guide shoppers to empty cubicles. But they can also be used in the fight against shoplifting.

Retail Security: What Difference Will Connectivity Make?

Connectivity and machine-to-machine communication will have an impact on the way retailers manage store security. But where will connected security systems create the real value?

How Interlocking Doors Work

An interlocking door is one of the most secure methods of access control available to site security managers. But how exactly does it work?

What is Electronic Article Surveillance?

EAS is a tried and tested method of minimising the billions in losses retailers make every year as a result of shoplifting. Here is a summary of how electronic article surveillance works.

4 Reasons It Is Time to Update Your Safe

A safe sits at the heart of your site's security as the last line of defence. They rarely break down or wear out, but is your safe still doing its job? Here are 4 indicators that you should be thinking about buying a new safe.

Why Handling Cash Is So Expensive for Retailers

Securing and processing cash is a major responsibility for retailers. Here are 8 reasons why cash handling is costing stores money.

Why Security Managers Should Think Zonal for Public Sites

One of the major entrance security mistakes public buildings make is failing to apply different levels of security to different parts of the site. This post addresses how to deal with this problem by applying a zonal approach.