Only by checking the certification label of a safe, can you tell if it has been officially graded. Here's what you should look for - and where.

When a safe has been properly tested and certified, it is marked with a metal label inside the door.

Here is an example of a certification label you would find in a safe which has passed a resistance test. This one is blank and is used by the European Certification Body (ECB).


Checking the Certification on Your Safe

If you are unsure as to whether your safe offers the right protection, follow these steps:

Step 1

Get hold of the certificate.steps-for-checking-certification-of-a-safe.png

Step 2

Check the issuer against a list of accepted independent test institutes.

The ECB website hosts a full list of approved European test centres

Step 3

Open the safe to view the label.

Step 4

Check for the correct class or grade of resistance.

Step 5

Check that the certification number on the certificate matches the one on the label.


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