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Find out how international consulting group, COWI, is using speed gates at its headquarters to give it complete control over entrance security.

The Challenge

COWI already had effective perimeter security but wanted to have full control over who was allowed to enter its head office located just to the north of the Danish capital of Copenhagen. 

The goal was not only to make its employees feel safer but also to address the increased focus customers are placing on security. 

COWI wanted to accurately control who was present on its premises by regulating the passage of individuals on entry and exit to its HQ.


For our customers, it is a big plus to be able to offer stronger security

Sidsel Hansen Head of Facility Management, COWI

The Solution

COWI installed Gunnebo SpeedStile FP speed gates. These speed gates facilitate smooth, quick single-person entry with no hold-ups or queues for anyone coming and going.

In total, eight lanes of speed gates are in place, four of which are in the reception area, with an extra wide lane for wheelchair access.

To enter or exit, authorised employees and visitors simply pass their ID card over a card reader. On receipt of an authentication signal, the barriers slide open and close safely behind the individual once they have passed through.


Our employees have really taken to the solution and the overriding feedback is that it has been easy to use

Sidsel Hansen Head of Facility Management, COWI 

Find the Right Entrance Control Solution for Your Building 

COWI found speed gates to be the best entrance control solution for its site from "both from an operational and aesthetic perspective".

To find the right solution for your building, Gunnebo has created a Comparison Guide to Entrance Security Systems for Office Buildings to help you weigh up the alternatives.

Download Comparison Guide to Entrance Systems for Office Buildings