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Having cash on site – whether it be in tills or in the back office – is a security risk for retailers, their customers and their staff. Here's why minimising the threat of robbery is a priority for retailers.

Cash turns a store into a target for robbers. There are obvious costs related to robbery - the loss of cash, repairing any physical damage caused and disruption to the business - but there are also indirect costs brought about through the insecurity felt by customers and staff.

Threat to Staff

Going through any level of robbery puts a great emotional strain on employees and even knowing that the store is exposed due to a lack of security can be reason enough for staff to feel insecure.


If a store gets a reputation for being frequently robbed, attracting and retaining staff is a big issue. Holding on to trusted employees and hiring new staff members is easier if a store can be promoted as a safe place to work.

Threat to Customers

Frequent robberies also impact on footfall. A common approach to combat robbery, is to put up a barrier between staff and the people in the shop, but this often creates a greater sense of insecurity among customers.

There are smart ways to protect cash inside a store, such as closed cash handling, which immediately locks cash payments into sealed recycling cassettes. Instead of the traditional checkout with gates and barriers to shut the customer out, the till area is more open but nevertheless secure.

The customer experience is improved and a store layout created which encourages staff interaction with the shopper.

How to Reduce the Cost of Cash

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